Education Services

BTH Education is a center for student services. Many students want to study abroad but Where to start the search and apply. The initial questions you may ask are Which country is the best choice? Which country has the best study opportunities for me? Which university gives me the best value for money? Where can I stay while studying abroad? Which programs or disciplines will help me better in my future? How much does it cost? How much does it cost to live and study? What is the minimum requirement for study abroad? How do I apply for a student visa? BTH group Educational is here to help you answer all these questions and as a service center, The company helps you to get the best information, processes, and procedures Which you need to study in Asia and Europe.

✓ Our Educational Services:

✓ University partnerships

✓ University, study, and program information

✓ Country-specific information - Apply for a study

✓ Supplementary Programs

✓ Submit a student visa application - Assistance in the provision of – housing

✓ Legal services

✓ Flight tickets

✓ Hotel reservations

✓ Transportation arrangements - Car rental services

✓ Vacations for students