Travel experiences can be powerful, for, through them, we become inspired to take chances, to take action, and to strive to live a better life. Georgia tourism has the power to give you a fresh perspective on life and to transform an ordinary vacation into an extraordinary adventure. If you’re wondering just what Georgia is famous for, the answer is a long one, for while Georgia may be compact in size, it is packed with diverse and unforgettable experiences. Georgia is neither Europe nor Asia, but a splendid blend of both. Located at the crossroads of continents, civilizations, cultures, confessions, lifestyles, and languages, the country of Georgia has somehow managed to forge and preserve its own authentic character through the centuries. From the graceful Georgian script welcoming you at the border to the melodic sound of an unknown language whose meaning is conveyed to you through the warm smile of locals, it’s clear from the moment you step foot in the land that something magical awaits you. Like Alice in Wonderland, prepare to discover a country of legends, boisterous yet friendly people, deep- seated spirituality, and hypnotic nature. Surrounded by the high Caucasus Range, where the Greek god Prometheus was chained, you can retrace the romantic voyage of Jason and the Argonauts in their quest for the Golden Fleece. Take a reviving sulfur bath in the capital city Tbilisi and feel the breath of the Black Sea at the ancient Roman port city of Batumi. Untangle the mystery of Svaneti, the Kingdom of a Thousand Towers, and sense the bravery and devotion of locals when visiting the fortified villages of Shatili and Mutso. Start your mornings at ancient fortresses and cave towns before continuing to medieval cathedrals and monasteries. Witness the drama of Soviet times or learn about modern Georgia through glass homes and cutting-edge architecture. Feel the nation’s heartbeat in sweet, sacred songs and experience time stand still in the rhythmic flow of Georgian dances. Eat like a king at a traditional feast, allowing each sip of Georgian wine to dissipate your worries and remind you how to embrace the present. Take a chance and come live life to the fullest in Georgia!